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You can add a 2 VQ alert from the Position Card Page. Simply click on a ticker symbol that you own (or watch) within either program. Next, click the Alerts tab. Then, click Add Alert.

click add alert

In the menu that appears, click Price. From there, you can add the 2 VQ alert to your position. You’ll then be notified when the latest close is 2 VQ above your entry price.

add 2 vq alert


If you have Crypto Ideas by TradeSmith, you will now see the Ideas tab on the Position Card Page.Ideas Tab in CryptoYou’ll see if the position meets any of TradeSmith strategy requirements and which of your subscribed newsletters the position is in.9/13/2018You can now be alerted based on volume and moving averages for your crypto assets.When adding an alert, just select Vol & MA from the list of available alert types.alert types
There are three options for this alert type:

  • Percent of Average Volume — Alert that monitors the latest closing volume in relation to the average volume for a specified time
  • Above/Below a Moving Average — Alert that monitors the moving average close price for a specified time
  • Moving Average Crosses — Alert that monitors the moving averages of specified times

NOTE: The volume pair will only work with USD pairs.8/30/2018We have added a new alert — the Time alert.You can now be alerted based on:

  • Calendar Days After Entry
  • Trading Days After Entry
  • Profitable Closes After Entry
  • Specific Date

You can access this alert type from the Position Card Page.Time alertsCasey Research has also been added to the Newsletter Center.newsletters8/7/2018We now support 8 decimal places for cryptocurrency pairs.7/6/2018We now support cryptocurrency pairs in the program.3/22/2018We have added Stansberry Churchouse’s Crypto Capital Newsletter. Just go to the Newsletters center in CryptoTradeSmith.crypto cap newsletterYou’ll just need to enter your Crypto Capital credentials to see the recommendations.~~~~You can also now see the average VQ for your investments on the Position Card Page and in the Pure Quant.Once you’re on the Position Card Page, click the General Statistics tab to see the Average VQ.general statsOnce you run the results for the Pure Quant, you’ll see the Average VQ for the positions.pure quant results3/1/2018Average VQ Column made available for Position Views2/14/2018Intraday alerts available for VQ and Price Alerts12/20/2017Release of Crypto by TradeSmith