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Let’s learn the features of the Portfolios page and how to manage your existing portfolios.

Your Portfolios page contains a list of your existing portfolios and data for them. Investment and Watch portfolio are separated into tabs. This separation allows us to group the portfolio totals for each.

portfolio drop-down information

  • Click Investment to view Investment portfolios or Watch Only to view Watch portfolios (1).
  • You can choose to view by Open, Closed, or All Positions (2).
  • Click the white boxes to delete your portfolios (3).
  • Click the downward-pointing triangle to Edit, Delete, and Duplicate your portfolio  (4).

If you hover over each column, it will give you a brief definition.

  • Actions allow you to edit and delete a portfolio.
  • The Portfolio Name is your portfolio’s name.
  • Currency is the designated currency for the portfolio.
  • Alerts tells you how many alerts are in your portfolio.
  • Triggered Alerts tells you how many alerts have been triggered in that portfolio.
  • Positions tells you the number of positions in the portfolio.
  • Cash tells you the cash balance in the portfolio.
  • Avg Day Held tells you the average calendar days the positions have been in your portfolio.
  • % Gain tells you the percentage gain of all positions in the portfolio.
  • Notes are the custom data you enter about your portfolio
  • Value is how much your portfolio is worth