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As the name suggests, price alerts are designed to track the price of the position based on the criteria you select. By default, the closing price is what we use to determine your stop price. However, you can select latest price instead.

IMPORTANT: Latest price is based on 30-minute intraday pricing. Latest close represents the investment’s price from midnight UTC (7pm EST / 8pm EDT).

You can add these alert types from the position card page. Just click your symbol, and then go to the Alerts section. Click Add Alert, and then select Price.

price alert

In the menu that appears, select the alert(s) you’d like to add.

Here are the available Price Alert types:
  • Percentage Gain/Loss – monitors a specific percent gain/loss
  • 2VQbe notified when the latest close is 2 VQ above your entry price.
  • Fixed Price Above/Below – monitors a specific price
  • Breakout Alert – monitors the new High or Low for a specified time
  • Dollar Gain/Loss – monitors a specific dollar amount above or below the purchase