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This tab gives you the controls to customize your chart.

We remember your selections so that once you adjust the chart the way you want it… it stays that way. (Unless you clear cache)

NOTE: Chart settings are stored in your browsers cookies, so if you clear the cookies on exit, we will not be able to remember your selections.

chart settings

NOTE: You must have the alert assigned to your position to display it on the chart.

It is easy to turn the settings on and off for the chart.

To turn a setting on and have it display on the chart, click the little circle to the left of the chart setting that interests you.

If the circle is colored in, it will display on the chart. Take a look at the picture above to see which settings are turned on.

To turn the setting off, simply click the colorful ball. Then, that setting won’t appear on your chart.

If you notice that a setting is grayed out, such as the VQ Trailing Stop in the photo above, it means that you do not have that alert turned on for your position. Simply add a VQ alert if you want to see the VQ on your chart.