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The Alerts tab will allow you to view, add, and edit alerts created on this position.

If you have alerts assigned to the position, this tab will:

  • Notify you if an alert has been triggered with a purple bell
  • Allow you to edit an existing alert
  • Let you to delete an alert
  • Allow you to add an alert

alerts tab

If you don’t have alerts, this page will be blank.

To add an alert, click the “Add Alert” button.

The chart is replaced with a screen that walks you through adding alerts.

add alerts page

If you choose a trailing stop, we’ve added some new functionality. You have two choices for which price your stop will trail from.

trailing stop price options

Latest price is based on 30-minute intraday pricing.

Latest close represents the investment’s price from midnight UTC (7pm EST / 8pm EDT).

Price Alerts will also give you this same functionality.

price alerts