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Crypto by TradeSmith is a SAAS program that empowers Individual Investors with the tools to monitor their investments and mitigate their risks like a professional.

Crypto by TradeSmith is 100% math-based.

Our goal is to help investors make more money using their personal risk comfort zone.

Crypto by TradeSmith will not initiate any transactions! We notify investors when exit conditions are met.

Successful Investing with Crypto by TradeSmith

Setting up positions with Trailing Stops is just your first step to being a more disciplined investor. There are also many useful research tools and charts to help manage your risk, position size portfolios, and make the investing experience more enjoyable!


  • Position Size Calculator – Used for analyzing a single position’s risk.
  • Portfolio Volatility Quotient (PVQ) Analyzer – Analyze the entire portfolio’s risk, based on the volatility quotients of each position.
  • Risk Rebalancer – Rebalances available capital among the component cryptocurrencies in one or all portfolios using our proprietary volatility metric – the Volatility Quotient. Volatility-based position sizing helps allocate more capital to lower volatility cryptocurrencies and less capital to higher volatility cryptocurrencies.