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After you log into Crypto by TradeSmith, you will notice a header bar at the top of your screen.

menu page

This section contains the following links:

  • Welcome — Provides quick links to common tasks.
  • Positions and Alerts — Find all the information for the cryptocurrencies you hold or are watching.
  • Portfolios — Allows you to add new portfolios, edit existing portfolios, and view important data on your portfolios.
  • Research — Contains tools that allow you to research new cryptocurrencies or improve your current portfolios.
  • Newsletters — See the open recommendations of the newsletters you follow.
  • Notifications — Announces new features.
  • Help — Links to our expansive Knowledge Base.
  • User Profile
    • Settings — Allows you to edit your user profile and customize Crypto by TradeSmith to fit your specifications and needs.
    • Events — Displays account activity, such as triggered alerts.
    • Templates —  Allows you to create custom alert templates.
    • Logout— Logs you out of Crypto by TradeSmith.