You can add alerts to your crypto holdings in one of two ways.

First, by going to your positions view in TradeSmith Finance and selecting the holding(s) you would like to add an alert to. As you can see in this example you can apply an alert(s) to all your holdings by selecting the top checkbox and then selecting “Add Alert”

This method only allows you to apply preset alert templates.

You can customize your alert templates on the alert template page.

The other way to add an alert is by selecting a specific holding and going to its position card page.

Once you are on the selected position’s card page, navigate to the “Alerts” tab and select “Add Alert”.


You will be presented with many alerts categorized by alert type.  Selecting any category will bring up the available alerts for that category.  In the example below, we have selected Price Alerts. To add an alert simply adjust your settings for that alert and select “Add Alert”.


You will notice a new assigned alert will be displayed now to the left.