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There are two methods for AOL.

If you’re using AOL, you can ensure that your email alerts are delivered to your Inbox by setting your mail controls. Here’s how:

  • Once you’re in your Inbox, go to “Options” (under your username on the far right).
  • Select “Mail Settings.”
  • Click “Filters and Alerts.”
  • Click “Create Filter.”
  • Give the filter a name.
  • In the “From” line, enter this address:

Alternatively, you can just send an email to CryptoTradeSmith, and that will add us to your “People I Know” list automatically:

  • Open your latest CryptoTradeSmithemail.
  • Copy the address in the “From” line, which is
  • A new email window opens with the wrong address in the “Send to” box.
  • Replace the address in the “Send to” box with the one you copied out of the “From” line.
  • Click “Send.”

Even if the email you send doesn’t get through to us (for whatever reason), the act of sending it does the job of putting CryptoTradeSmith into your “People I Know” list, and that’s what counts.

  • It is also good to add