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You can edit templates you created.

You can add other alerts to your template. Follow the steps below.

  • First, click your name in the top right corner of Crypto by TradeSmith, and then select “Templates.”

templates screen

  • Next, click the edit (pencil) icon to the left of your custom template. You can then edit it.
  • Edit the name of the template (1) if desired.
  • Click the alert type tabs on the left (2) to select the alert/s you would like to add to your template.
  • Click the Add Alert button (3), and your alerts will appear in the Current Alerts section below.
  • To edit an existing alert in your template, click the edit icon (4) to the left of the alert to edit.
  • To delete an alert from the template, click the trash can icon (5) to the left of the alert to delete.
  • Click the Save button (6)

edit a template

Note that if you’re using a trailing stop, you can choose to be notified based on latest close or latest price. Latest price is based on 30-minute intraday pricing. Latest close represents the investment’s price from midnight UTC (7pm EST / 8pm EDT).