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The Crypto Analyzer lets you explore Crypto by TradeSmith’s proprietary indicators and stop loss strategies on individual cryptocurrencies.

To Navigate to the Crypto Analyzer:
  • Select Tools (1)
  • Select Crypto Analyzer (2)

To Analyze a cryptocurrency:
  • Enter in the cryptocurrency (1)
  • Choose if it is Long or Short (2) 
  • Optionally: You may select a date in the past to either back-test a position or analyze a position you already have purchased (3)
  • Click the Analyze button (4)

crypto analyzer form

The Crypto Analyzer results page is presented in three portions.

The upper left hand section displays basic information on the position. Including:

crypto analyzer basic information

  • Symbol
  • Name
  • Exchange
  • Current CSI State
  • Current Volatility Quotient (VQ)


The Upper Right Hand Section displays some available Stop Loss Strategies and details.

stop loss strategies

The Bottom Section displays the visual performance of the position in a graph.

crypto chart and legend

You can customize the chart with the legend.

The legend on the left hand side controls the chart. You may turn on and off specific overlays simply by clicking the options.