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Position Details
    • % Off High — The percentage amount that the latest close* is below the highest close achieved by the symbol since the entry date.
    • Days Held — The number of calendar days since the position’s entry date.
    • Entry Date — The date the position was purchased.
    • Entry Price — The price paid per unit for the position.
    • Fee — The fee that you pay for your transaction to be processed
    • Max Profitable Close — The closing price* at which the position had its maximum profit since entry.
    • Max Profitable Close Date — The date on which the maximum profitable close occurred.
    • Name — The name for the position. This defaults to the name in our database associated with the symbol.
    • Notes — Custom notes entered when a position is created or edited. This is an optional field.
    • Portfolio — The portfolio that the position is in. This is similar to a wallet.
    • Portfolio % — The percentage composition of a particular holding in a portfolio.
    • Symbol — An arrangement of characters (usually letters) representing a particular cryptocurrency listed on an exchange.
    • Tags — User-defined values that are added to a position so that positions can be grouped and searched for easily within a portfolio.
    • Total C/B — The amount of money originally put into an investment before any growth or loss. This includes the initial investment as well as fees paid to process transactions.
    • Units — The number of units owned.
    • Value — The total value of the position.
    • VQ% — The Volatility Quotient (or VQ%) is the percentage that defines how volatile a cryptocurrency is based on its historical price action.


*NOTE: Our latest Closing Price is based on when our data provider sends us pricing. This is usually at 7PM Eastern.