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How To Edit Alert Views

If you have an existing alert view that you find beneficial but would like to modify to your liking, you can edit that view.

To edit an alert view, take the following steps:

  • Click the Positions & Alerts tab (1) in the main menu at the top of the page.
  • Click the Alerts tab (2), and then scroll to the right side of the page to view the available views
  • Select your view to edit, and click on the pencil (3) icon to make any changes to your view.

edit a view

  • Edit the name (1), if applicable.
  • Click the check boxes for columns to add to the view, or deselect columns you would like to remove.
  • To rearrange columns, simply click on the column header in the area below and drag and drop it to its new location (2).
    • Please note that you cannot move the Actions, Status, SSI, VQ%, or Symbol columns.
  • If you would like to save your edits as a new view, select “Save as New” (3). Otherwise, select “Save.”
  • To delete a view, select “Delete View” (4).

edit view page
Note: If you have only one view, it cannot be deleted.