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Getting Started with Advanced Mode:

  • Click the Positions & Alerts tab (1) in the main menu at the top of the page.
  • Next, click the Positions tab (2).
  • Then, click the Add Position button (3).

  • In the pop-up that appears, click Advanced Mode.

Working with Advanced Mode

  • Select the portfolio (1) where you want to add the position.
  • Enter the symbol (2). The cryptocurrency name will automatically fill below it.
TIP: If a symbol is not in CryptoTradeSmith’s database, you can request it to be added. Email a request to with the symbol, cryptocurrency name, and the exchange.  A request does not guarantee a symbol will be added.
  • Enter your Entry Date and Entry Price (3).
  • Enter the number of units purchased (4).
  • Enter a Fee (5), if applicable.
  • If you like, enter any tags (6) and/or notes (7) for the position.

NOTE: “Tags” are keywords to help you organize your cryptocurrencies, i.e. bits. “Notes” are for your own personal use.

  • Click “Clear” to reset and start again, “Save and Add More” to keep adding positions, or “Save and Close” to finish adding positions (8).

IMPORTANT: Entering a position in Advanced Mode does not set an alert on the position. After clicking the Save button, you will be taken to the Position Card. On this page, you can add the necessary alerts by clicking the Add Alert button in the Current Alerts section.