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We are always working to give our customers more features within the CryptoTradeSmith program.

The Actions column (and the messages that come with it) will help you to know exactly what to do when one of your positions has a problem. It can also help you with positions that have no problems at all.

How Do I Access the Actions Column?

  1. Go to the Positions and Alerts tab
  2. Click on the Positions subtab
  3. The Actions column is the White Box to the left of the word “Status.”

You will know, at a glance, what is going on with each of your positions while also being able to organize them.


Actions Can Help You

Keeping your account free of errors will ensure that your investments stay up to date and accurate. With the correct information, we will be able to send you the appropriate alerts for your positions. Just be sure to check on your Positions subtab at least once a week; daily would be best. If you see the red error triangles, click on them, and fix the problem.